Friday, April 27, 2007

As Virginia Tech grieves, little anger expressed toward gunman

As Virginia Tech grieves, little anger expressed toward gunman: "Campus leaders, experts and those touched by the tragedy say there are several reasons for the spirit of forgiveness. Many people are too overcome by grief to think about anything else. The fact that Cho killed himself provided enough retribution, some say. Others say the forgiveness is rooted in the strong Christian values of this area.

And there's also the loyalty to the 'Hokie Nation.'

After a student organization placed the stone memorials in a semicircle last week on the main campus lawn, senior Katelynn L. Johnson added a 33rd stone for Cho. Johnson said she told almost no one about the stone because she feared a backlash.

She came forward after someone took it away, because she was outraged by the brief removal of the rock. She says she accepts all 'fellow students, faculty and alumni as Hokies' no matter what problems they have.

'I believe his life had value no matter what he did,' she said. 'We lost 33 people.'"

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